DIY Ghetto Jackson Kayaks GoPro Levator Mount

Lets start off by stating the obvious, I’m not reinventing the wheel here. This is my take on Lee Barrell‘s design as seen here in . I’ve slightly modified it based on items I had to hand and tweaked it slightly to improve it. I’ve never been a fan of the head cam POV that most kayakers use the majority of the time. When the Jackson Kayak GoPro Levator mount was released some years ago it opened up a whole new rang of angles for kayakers who liked to take video. However at about €150 it ain’t cheap for something that looks so basic.

My rendition of the Jackson Kayaks GoPro Levator Mount is very much ‘Ghetto’ and all about function over form, there are still a couple of bits to finish off. I think it’s fair to say no matter what I do to it, it’s still going to be UGLY!




DIY Ghetto Jackson Kayaks GoPro Levator Mount

DIY Ghetto Jackson Kayaks GoPro Levator Mount

The main differences between my mount and Lee’s are fairly straight forward.

  • The jug I used had a different handle design which allowed me to mount the PVC at a slight angle which wives a better point of view for the GoPro.
  • I swapped out the J-Bolt for and an eye bolt with carabiner. While the J bolt was super quick to mount and remove it just wasn’t a solid as a connection as I wanted. For me the carabiner is almost as quick and even if it all goes wrong and you break or damage the mount it will still stay attached to you boat. The just and pipe will deform enough in a pinning situation so that’s not a concern I have.
  • Around the bottom of the jug I made a gasket out of ‘Proto-putty‘  (Think of it like Sugru but vastly less expensive). This helps prevent the mount rotating unintentionally as I found was prone to happen when it was a plastic on plastic connection.

I’ve a couple of bits to do to finish off this:

  • Trim eye bolt and cap it.
  • Order M10 hand knob to use in place of wing nut
  • Trim gasket so it looks like less of a mess
  • Install teather from camera mount through the PVC pipe and attach to caribiner

I’ve no doubt the official Jackson Kayaks GoPro Levator Mount is doesn’t weigh as much as my contraption, it also looks far nicer. However this cost me less than €20 to make, I enjoy tinkering at such things. Most of all while I’ve used it a few times there is ever chance it will only see very limited use before being put in the corner.

I look forward to using it a bit now there is water in the rivers after the driest winter ever.


View from the mounted camera


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