Between the Lines: Episode One

Irish Kayaker Philip Connolly releases the first episode of Between the Lines a series of videos documenting his journey in kayaking. I first met Philip in what seems like a life time ago when we were on an instructor course together. Philp first release a teaser for this years ago but only last week he got around to publishing it. It was produced in conjunction with Phil’s friend Steve O’Donoghue.

Between the Lines - Italy
It’s really brave for anyone putting them selves out there but even more so in Ireland which is a really small paddling community. Only a few weeks ago I was ranting about the amount of just random POV action cam style kayaking footage that we see nowadays and how I longed for something with  a story, a bit more substance. Between the Lines has the potential to far exceed that need. I’m really looking forward to seen what’s to come from ‘Between the Lines’, I hope this encourages others to take the creative leap like Philip and Steve.

Check out the first episode and subscribe to the channel to be notified of the next possible.

Between the Lines

Episode One: In the Beginning

In the first short episode of Between the Lines we meet Phil Connolly.

Through interviews and lots of dusty old footage, Phil explains what sparked his passion for being on the water, the everyday challenges of kayaking in Ireland and where he hopes paddling will take him in the future.

This is life between the lines.

Between the Lines - Mexico


UPDATE Between The Lines  episode two – now live


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