Mental Health Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking

Yesterday when I posted this post ‘Why do I bother‘ I mentioned the topic of mindfulness and how I was often scathing about it in the past. Previously in other forums I’ve talked about mental health , access to services and other fairly serious things. I’ve never been a supporter of the idea that going for a run or taking part in physical activity is a replacement to the provision for proper qualified and and resourced professional help.

However there is no denying that staying active can really help as part of holistic approach to dealing with mental health issues.

At the time of the other posting I hadn’t seen this video made by British Canoeing on the Mental Health Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking. I can only but admire British Canoeing being pro active and taking on the topic of mental health. It’s a topic of personal interest to myself and there is no getting away from the importance of canoeing and kayaking has been to me over my life do I though I’d share it here.

If I was to be critical the video might be taken up by some that it’s only female or elderly paddler / people who can suffer with mental health issues. Perhaps the lack of younger males is┬ásymptomatic of the stigma of being open about mental health and issues around it.

For information on mental health services in Ireland visit the Mental Health Ireland website.

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