Kayaks Waterfalls and Drones

The pedant in me has to correct myself on the title, I wanted to say UAVs not drones but most people have no idea what a UAV is. All srones are UAVs but not all UAVs are drones.

Anyway moving on…. I came across this  bit of film which is a few years old but it’s only recently that the likes of consumers drones like the DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 are affordable to the general public. Drones provide have potential for some of the best shots of kayaking you’re ever likely to see.

In what seems like a lifetime ago I toyed with the idea of making a cable cam to try and capture some of the kind of shots we now take for granted. It never moved much farther than the concept but I still have the urge to try get those same shots all these years later.

There are a couple of Irish paddlers I know who have drones but I’m surprised I’ve not seen a much in the way of Irish whitewater action captured from the skies. There will always be the issue that due to the rain fed fickle nature of rain feed Irish rivers it’s close to impossible to get a day when there is quality water and enough light to capture decent footage.

The Clare Glens which has to be one of Ireland’s most photogenic runs is begging out for someone with a drone to add a new dimension to footage we see of it.  Check out these couple of clips from the last week of some highwater Glens fun. The first video has one of the best throw bag throws from an real tight spot you’re ever likely to see.
How awesome would it be to see an overhead tracking shot from the foot bridge hole down through the gorge and over the main falls at these levels?


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