Tryweryn Wales Trip – KACC and Friends

Hello….. Is this thing on?

It’s shameful to think that as 2016 draws to a close I haven’t posted a single thing on this website. Partially because life and the other is that 2016 has been the single driest year for whitewater kayaking in Ireland that I can remember.

Back in September myself and Frank from our kayak club Kilkenny Aqua Canoe Club ran a trip to the National White Water Center in Bala north Wales aka ‘The Trywern. It was a three day trip and was open to KACC and friends. There were people of every skill level with a reasonable geographical spread.

Please consider this video more ┬álike a bunch of clips stuck together rather than an ‘edit’ like all the cool kids do.

Despite having loads of cameras with me I didn’t take very much footage. How and ever it was an enjoyable weekend, Thanks to all who made it that way.

While it doesn’t fit the #loveirishpaddling because we were in Wales there is a uniqueness to Irish paddlers evident by the reception we get when ever we travel. Sure aren’t we only great!




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