When did you last have a check up?

Last Tuesday afternoon after having a fairly busy morning I was driving and had to pull over as I was experiencing lots of the symptoms you might associate with having a heart attack.

Being alone in the car and a few minutes drive from A&E I weighed up the options and drove myself to St Luke’s Hospital.

Adrian hosp

I was fairly sure it wasn’t cardiac related as I had a full work up and cardiac stress test fairly recently where the Dr’s opinion was “Too fit for a fat fella” But when trying to walk the 100m from where I abandoned the car to the A&E entrance while clutching my chest I was full sure it could be serious.

Fast forward a whole bunch of test and excellent care from the staff in the Medical Assessment Unit and the diagnosis is I’m not dead or dying. My heart is still in top shape and I’m still overweight. The best guess is something called Costochondritis which won’t kill me but is still pretty shit to experience.

The reason for this post isn’t looking for likes or the classic ‘U OK HUN’ stuff but it was a bit of a wake up call on two fronts.

I spent about 12 hours hanging out in the MAU and to see what the front line HSE staff have to deal with while going about their work is tough. This included a couple of fist fights where the Gardaí had to be called as they feared for their patients and own safety. Over managed, over worked, under paid and under resourced. No easy fixes but something needs to be done.

The second one was how we take things for granted, I know guys / girls like me in their thirties think it will never be them. Guys are especially bad for visiting the GP to get and auld check up every once in a while. Maybe my bit of a scare might give you a nudge to make that appointment and get the once over.

After all being dead would be proper shit!




  • I know this post has nothing to do with paddling but I know the kind of people who read the stuff I post it might be relevant to some of them.
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