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Despite my me not posting regular fresh content here in quiet some time I still get lots of visitors from Google searches and a fair amount of contact from people looking to do all sorts of courses. It was only when I paddled with someone new recently I felt compelled to post an update of sorts. It’s a bit of a non announcement and won’t come as any surprise to anyone who I am around regularly but I’ve ceased offering commercial courses and instruction for some time now.

There are a bunch of reasons and I’m happy to say most of them are selfish and all right ones for me. I want to spend more and more time with my family, Carla and our two sons are the most important things in my my life and spending quality time with them is everything to me.


Myself and Jack hanging out,or him hanging out of me more like.


This is Finn the latest addition to the family.

The second and the paddling related reasons is in recent times I had become bored with what I was doing in paddling, I just had had enough of the shite that seams to come with being part of a scene for any reasonable length of time. I hadn’t lost my love for paddling but I had defiantly forgotten why I do it and why I enjoy it and why it’s been such a major part of my life for so long. In the last year or so Roger McClure a fantastic man I’ve known for years brought me back into the fold of Kilkenny Aqua Canoe Club who I’ve always had an association with. I’ve never really been a fan of the ‘club scene’ for reasons I’m not sure of now to be honest, but since getting involved again I’ve rekindled my love of spending time on the water.

Adrian Waterfall

Good I forgot how much fun this is.

Even with two kids and three very excitable dogs I’m spending more time on the water than ever before and I love every single minute of it. From introducing new people to paddle sports to reconnecting with friends I’ve lost touch I’ve regained an infectious love of all things paddling again. One of my highlights of the last year was getting to bring Jack (4) on his first white water canoe trips.


I’ve also managed to play a tiny part in the Canoe Ireland Club Championships which happened to be held in my home town of Kilkenny this year and as part of that I got to meet loads of other people from all over the country who were just as excited as me about getting people in boats and helping them progress and far as they would like to. A huge success of the club champs wasn’t just the main event it’s self but during the training weekends run as a part of the Club Champs it encouraged and allowed people to network and build mutuality beneficial relationships to clubs progress.



I even managed to take part in the slalom event paddling an touring open canoe.


I seam to have wondered off track from what I had intended to write in the first place! I’m no longer offering any commercial courses so I can spend more time not just paddling myself but so I can use what skills I have to help other clubs / individuals who might not have access or budget for qualified instructors. I want to try give a little something back to the sport that has given more so much. I’m aware of how cheesy that sounds but sure what of it it’s the truth.


I’m looking forward to more of this.

For the moment I’ll be putting most of my efforts to help KACC achieve some of it’s goals but if you are a club who is struggling to find resources to run RSR courses, CI skills assessments or what ever drop me a line and I’ll see if I can help you. Even if I can’t help you myself I might know someone who can.

There are loads of commercial providers in Ireland at the moment offering a great service if you’re looking for a provider, here are a few whom I personally recommend Not in any particular order.

Pure Adventure: They are based in the South East and run a professional show.

West Coast Kayaking: They have only recently launched their business but Martin who runs the show is one of Ireland’s most experienced instructors, if you are in the North West he is the man you need to talk to.

Saoirse naMara: Ali Donald over in Galway is one of the best, no more needs be said.


I’ve no set plans for myself for the near future when it comes to paddling, I just want to spend as much time on the water enjoying myself with my mates and making new friends 🙂


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