A little bit about me, who I am, what I do and what are the goals behind adrianshanahan.com. It’s not all about paddling.


Years of experience involved in adventure sports and kayaking means I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks I want to share.


Professional Paddle Sports Instruction, a nice tagline from years past so I kept it. I no longer offer commercial courses.

Like many people I've an opinion, occasionally I like to share my views on outdoor kit.
Canoeing Ireland
Adrian is the Leinster Regional Representative & non-executive director of Canoeing Ireland the NGB of paddle sports in Ireland.

This is where you’ll find an archive of all my blog posts from over the years, some better than others, all with spelling errors.

Can I help you or your club out in any way?

As part of my role in Canoeing Ireland I want to help develop Paddle Sports in any way I can.

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